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"..a mind-expanding series of short essays, convincing and  
thought-provoking...highly readable...uplifting and wonderful..  
can be read in short sections...[suited to] high school and college   
audiences with the aid of a good instructor, despite a negative 
view of the future.." 
-- Dr. Richard Jurin, N. Colorado State in JOURNAL OF

" amazing book, truly ground-breaking, ..I respect and
acknowledge the vision... I hope the book is widely read."                           
                          -- GARY SNYDER, Eco-Poet, Essayist, and Author  
                             of 21 books translated into 19 languages.           

"Provides concepts, reflections, and visions of how humanity interacts
with the environment...An intriguing survey of human life and meaning."
                         -- MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

" I commend the diligence of this investigation, engaged in what Thomas
calls the 'great work' of restoring harmony between humans and the rest of
                       -- Dr. Bill Devall, Author and a Founder of the Deep Ecology
"I look forward to using your book for my classes in 'Worldviews and
Ecology' and 'Environmental Theory.'" (Aug. 10, 2008)
                       -- Dr. Kenneth Maly, U. of Toronto, Canada

"an absorbing, enlightening and fascinating work. The ideas are as 
important as any I've ever read or studied. This is an amazing philosopher.
I dare say this work may become as important as any by Darwin or
B.F. Skinner...a profound influence on my interpretation of the human
condition. Bless Heatherly's soul for forming and publishing these ideas.
                                 -- Darryl K. House, Paradise California, USA
                                               (March 23, 2009 at

"Astounding! ...with amazing exudes enlightenment.
the eminently readable prose, is in the best philosophical manner 
my guide to life..."
                                 -- Enlightened Racontaur (at June 15, 2009)
(Reviews from 1st page of 2009 edition. Emphasis added)