One Great and Final Philosophical-Idealogical Battles  

The forming ideological battle to acknowlege the existence of nurturome evolution, and its equal partnership with genomic evolution, is essential. Along with evolution vs. creationism, regionalism vs. stateism, secularism vs.religion, prochoice vs. anti-abortion; it will remain a central, ideological struggle during humanity's remaining life-span. A re-awareness and growing recovery of our nurturome's human nature and our nurturome's evolution could redeem Western science and philosophy, along with the masses of humankind dehumanized by this deeply rooted materialism. Join the fray, find your position, stake your identity.

Swear your allegiance to Earth-life's naturally created human nature, being, spirit, reality and culture; OR with artifical, alien, invasive machines, cyber-virtual realities, and the accelerating electronification and roboticization, which turns humanity into home alienus: a creature destructive of authentic humanness and Earth's life-ecosystem-habitats, within which humanity is an inseperable part.

The human nurturome breakthrough throws the clearest light on the long-running, human-caused sufferings emergent within 'civilization' socioculture. Its reveals goodness, rightness, and fairness; and the forces and phenomena opposing these conditions. 

        We recover the voice of nurturome, 

        Unite to speak its primal wisdom,

        To speak its social-spirit body,

        To know the conditions of our being,

        To speak the body of We.


                                 Genome Nonsense and Sense

                                              L. S. Heatherly 

*     From John Sulston, United Kingdom, of Sanger Centre: "We've now got to the point in human history where for the first time we are going to hold in our hands a set of instructions to make a human being."   L.S.H: He should have said, "to make a human organism."  For, after genetic instruction has formed the baby in the womb, non-genetic instructions provide half of the instructions for guiding the new organism through the growth-fulfillment stages of human being - natural nurture and natural culture.  Without nurturome or with substantial nurturome deficiency, babies die or become abnormal - mentally-socially-spiritually-ontologically.  It is after birth that the rest of the creation of human being, nurturome, joins with genome.  Our post-birth natural nurture and natural culture inherited, and passed generation to generation, constitute the second half of our human nature, spirit, and being (beingness).  Both our genome and nurturome form our minds, values, culture, character, personality, perception, purpose, will, consciousness, et al.  And, our natural, evolved nurturome includes a natural ecoregion - not an asphalt jungle.  In social species' evolution, genome and nurturome are particularly inseparable.

*     Sulston continues: "I'm confident that if we can explain this well, so that it becomes part of the democratic process, we will have no problems."   L.S.H: He apparently is not aware that we have no assembly representing the democratic will where inventions are concerned.  High-tech inventions enter our life way and culture directed by the motives of power-wealth and domination.  Inventions overpowered and bypassed democracy long ago.  We don't have a house of Congress, together with the time needed, to evaluate the cultural consequences of inventions and vote on them.  Our lives become invested in inventions before they can be evaluated.  And, science is not interested in advanced sociocultural evaluation of emergent technologies.  Its guiding ethics are coupled curiosity and creativity for the sake of these themselves, and for corporate-industrial profits.  We don't have a body of congress nor a global committee assigned or elected to assess and inform the public of the sociocultural consequences of research projects.  Research is approved by elected representatives bought off by corporate-profit interests. 

*     From French Research Minister, Roger-Gerard Schwartzenberg: "Deciphering the Book of Life is a milestone in science."    L.S.H: In truth, it is not the "Book of Life."  It is only the first volume, one of organism-life; the second "Book of Life", one of soial-spirit-being-life, is the Book of Nurturome.  We must discover this book, open it, and begin reading in order to check and reverse our movement into terrorizations, dehumanizations, and family-community-societal disintegrations.

*     From former US President Bill Clinton: "Today we are learning the language in which God created life."    L.S.H: We might wish it were that simple: that God speaks life's instructions through genes only, that life is wholly, genetically determined.  But, in truth, natural nurture and culture --nurturome -- is the second, partnered half of any "language of life."  Newborn babies are not mere seeds sprouting upon the land, as trees unto themselves and their climate. 

*     From Dr. Francis Collins, of the Human Genome Project: "It is humbling for me and awe inspiring to realize that we have caught the first glimpse of our own instruction book, previously known only to God....if we can identify the nature [of the human genome], which we will do to a very significant extent, we can use this to identify the nurture.  This is the second goal of the Human Genome Project."    L.S.H: However, it is not so simple.  The Nurturome Breakthrough reveals that in order to understand the nurture -- or his so-called second half of the Human Genome Project -- we have to understand that part of what Collins and most everyone considers "nurture," is evolved by nature: it is not the nurture of nurture vs nature. The nurturome breakthrough reveals a nurture and culture evolved by nature as nurturome partnered with genome.  While the other nurture and culture arises from civilizations' culture and adulterates our natural, nurturing processes (nurturance) from birth on through maturity.

     Our nurturome breakthrough permits us to identify and examine those instances where this artificialization of nurture occurs, where civilization's socioculture adulterates evolved nurture, diminishing and infecting it with artificial nurture.  The revelation that nature has evolved nurture and a natural culture enables us to identify this, and also to identify the artificial nurture and culture that infects and debilitates it.

*     From Uk Science Minister, Lord Sainsbury: "We now have the possibility of achieving all we have ever hoped for from science."    L.S.H: How many medical scientists, we should worry, think medicine is entirely a matter of genes?

*     From Dr. Michael Dexter, the Wellcome Trust: "This is the outstanding achievement, not only of our lifetime, but in terms of human history.  I say this because the Human Genome Project does have the potential to impact on the life of every person on the planet."  L.S.H: Not much praise here. For, this can be said of many events and inventions, including global warming, atmosphere and water pollution, destruction of ecosystems, domestication of the horse, automobiles, televisions, computers, et al.     

     Dexter continues: "It's better than the invention of the wheel; because technology could make that obsolete.  The genome never will be."    L.S.H: However, looking around, we still see wheels in abundance carrying vehicles that dictate much of our life way and culture.  More to the point, if some have their way, artificial genes and artificial intelligence will make the evolved, human genome obsolete.  A whole sector of science considers anything of nature as something to be replaced by our man-made, artificial "second nature."  But, nature has always had a say about what is here to stay.  In the long run, barring total human extinction, evolved human genome and nurturome - unfettered and unalderated by men playing God - will be here after any human decimations.  And one will find with such survivors the spear and the axe - natural inventions authentic to our 300,000 year-old species.                                                                                                                 

                                 *                           *                           *

     Although those fighting the fires of human thirst for power and domination over nature and general humanity are far outnumbered by those fueling the fire; here are some sobering assessments to add to the admonitions( of Yours Truly) above.

     From Dr. Mike Stratton of the Sanger Centre: "Today we hand over the gift of the human genome to the public.  It is a powerful force for great good or great evil."  

     From Dr. Tom Shakespeare, University of Newcastle: "We share 51% of our genes with yeast, and 98% with chimpanzees - it is not genetics that makes us human." 

     From Berlin's Dietageszetung: "The announcement of the decoding of the human genome amounts to little more than a public relations exercise." 

     From Berlin's Diewelt: "...the promises made by scientists to improve people's genetic make-up, to help the sick, and prolong life probably don't mean very much...the spectacle has once again narrowed the gap between science and show-business.  As soon as you ask them what shape exactly this improvement or this help is supposed to  take, science doesn't know the answer."

     "The Genetic Fantasy" headlines these words from Geneva's Le Temps: "...beyond the hopes and fears, the passion for the genome, above all reveals a worried reduction of the human being, if you believe that one single book enough to understand it [the human being]."

Copyright 2003 - 2016 by L.S. Heatherly